RV Loans

RV Loans

An RV can be a fantastic investment, whether you’re planning fun family getaways with the kids or gearing up for an adventurous retirement. Unfortunately, finance can be an obstacle for many people. Getting an RV loan can be a complicated process — especially if you have a poor credit history. Even if you find a loan, there may be more obstacles to overcome. Interest rates may be much higher than you expected, and you might be confronted with a down payment you can’t afford.

Before you give up on your dreams of traveling the country in your very own RV, however, come to CarFundy for advice. We can help match you with lenders who’ll provide the RV loan you need to get on the road. CarFundy understands that not everyone has thousands of dollars in ready cash just sitting in their savings account, or an income that can withstand elevated interest payments. We’ll help you find loans that work within your budget, with modest down payments and reasonable levels of interest.

Can I Get an RV Loan? My Credit Score is Low.

Here at CarFundy, we understand that not everyone manages to go through life with perfect credit. Even if your credit score is low or you have a limited credit history, CarFundy is still ready to help. We can provide you with access to an affordable loan with a down payment that won’t break the bank.

I Have Declared Bankruptcy, Can I Still Get an RV Loan?

Bankruptcy shouldn’t be an obstacle to obtaining an RV loan with CarFundy’s help. We understand that it can be difficult to repair your credit rating, even after you’ve endured the process of discharging your bankruptcy. We can help by matching you with a lender who provides loans to those with a Bankruptcy in their past.

Even if you’re currently going through the bankruptcy process, it’s still possible that you might be eligible for an RV loan. Some lenders are willing to provide open bankruptcy RV loans to certain clients. At CarFundy, we know how to find them and how to identify the right credit product for you.

Will an RV Loan Harm My Credit?

If you’re already wrestling with a low credit score, the prospect of doing anything that might lower it further is probably an alarming one. That’s where CarFundy comes in. Did you know that a bad credit RV loan can actually improve your credit score? That’s right! Because you’ll be making regular, timely payments on your new loan, your score will begin to improve. Lenders will be able to see that you’re responsible and conscientious.

If you’ve had problems with bad credit or bankruptcy in the past, an RV loan can be a great opportunity. Showing that you’re able to obtain a loan and then make regular payments on it will go a long way towards raising your credit score. If you’re someone who’s generally paid cash in the past and who doesn’t have much credit history or a younger person with little opportunity to borrow, an RV loan is a great way to begin building the credit history you’ll need to make purchases later on.

If you’re interested in finding out more about RV loans with CarFundy, why not get in touch right away? Our helpful RV loan calculator will make it easy to see how much you can borrow and how large your monthly repayments might be. You can apply online if you wish, or speak to one of our friendly CarFundy loan officers on the phone. You can also visit one of CarFundy’s convenient locations and apply in person. Find out more today!


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