RV Title Loans

RV Title Loans

Is money too tight? Are you facing an unexpected bill or financial shortfall? Let CarFundy take the pressure off with a quick, convenient RV title loan.

Maybe you’ve considered selling your RV for quick cash. A better option might be to unlock the equity in your RV by borrowing against the vehicle title. This is an easy way to get the money you need without losing your beloved RV.

A vehicle title loan has a lot of advantages. While traditional loans necessitate credit checks and lots of waiting, an RV title loan can take as little as a day to finalize and doesn’t require that you have a good credit history. All that matters is that you own your vehicle, provide proof of residence, and show evidence of income. The lender may also require inspection photographs of your RV to assess its condition.

Applying is so easy. You can often complete our online applications in minutes. You can also apply over the phone!

When your loan is approved and finalized, the lender will place a lien on your vehicle title. This means that you can carry on enjoying your RV as usual, without having to surrender it to a lender. As long as you continue to make the easy, convenient loan repayments on time, your RV remains in your possession.

The cash from your loan can be deposited in your bank account, or you can visit one of our CarFundy locations to pick up your money in person. It’s so fast and straightforward; you might be hours away from the quick loan you need.

Once you have your money, it’s up to you how you spend it. Whether it’s for home repairs, a medical emergency, or something fun, like a quick vacation, it’s entirely up to you. Most of our lenders do not place any stipulations on how you use your loan.

There’s absolutely no obligation, and you won’t pay any fees until your loan is finalized. Applying for an RV title loan is completely free, and you can walk away at any time before the paperwork is completed. Our convenient RV loan calculator will help you find out how much you could borrow. Why not apply today?


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