Truck Loan Refinance

Truck Loan Refinance

Are you struggling to make payments on your truck? Are the monthly installments wrecking your budget? Are you worried about losing your vehicle? Refinance your truck with CarFundy for lower payments and a more attractive interest rate.

What is Truck Loan Refinancing?

Maybe you took out an auto loan when you bought your truck or took out a loan against the title. If you find that you’re paying too much interest or your payments are too high, CarFundy can help. We can refinance your truck and make your loan payments much more affordable.

The most common type of auto refinancing that is open to you as a vehicle owner is traditional truck loan refinance. In this type of refinancing, the new lender pays off your loan with the existing lender. The amount paid off will depend on the amount of equity you have on your truck and how much of the current loan is outstanding.

Why Refinance Your Truck?

You might wonder why you should refinance your truck loan. You’ll still have a lien on your vehicle, and you’ll even need to make monthly payments. How will your situation improve?

Refinancing can spread your truck payments over a more extended period, so you’re paying less each month. You can also reduce the amount of interest you have to pay on your loan. That’s money in your pocket every month to meet your other financial obligations — and maybe enjoy life a little more. Refinancing can cut your monthly expenses, give you more flexible loan terms, and decrease the chances that your truck will be repossessed.

Can I Apply to Refinance My Truck with CarFundy?

If you have a bankruptcy in your past, a low credit score, or limited credit history, you can still apply to refinance with CarFundy. We offer low – interest loans to clients regardless of their credit. As long as your truck is under a certain age and is below our maximum mileage, we can refinance it for you.

You can apply to refinance today. Use our handy truck loan payment calculator to determine how much you can refinance and discover our low truck loan rates.