RV Loan Refinance

RV Loan Refinance

Recreational vehicles are a lot of fun — but the monthly repayments can dampen your enjoyment. If you’re paying too much on your monthly RV loan payments, you should consider an RV refinancing deal with CarFundy.

With a traditional RV refinancing arrangement, a new lender pays off your existing loan and takes the loan over from your previous lender.

Why Refinance Your RV Loan?

You might be wondering: “Well, why should I refinance my RV? I’ll still have to make monthly payments, and there will still be a lien on my vehicle. How would refinancing make my life easier?”

Refinancing your RV cuts your monthly payments, both by reducing the interest you have to pay and spreading payments over a longer period, so they’re smaller and easier to manage. When you refinance your RV, you make your payments more affordable. You’ll have more peace of mind, knowing that your RV is much less likely to be repossessed. Refinancing makes your monthly budget much easier to manage.

Bad Credit? No Problem!

At CarFundy, we know that even the most reliable person can run into fin ancial difficulties. That’s why we offer loans regardless of your credit score. If you haven’t had a chance to develop a credit history, have a low credit score, or have a bankruptcy in your past, you can still apply to refinance your RV with CarFundy.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone provided their RV meets specific criteria. These are:

The age of your RV
The mileage on your RV
The condition of your RV

The amount you can refinance will depend on the amount you still owe to your current lender and your vehicle’s value. Our lenders will work with you to lower your interest and create a realistic repayment plan.

To find out how much you could save, apply for refinancing with CarFundy lenders right now. Our easy – to – use RV loan payment calculator will tell you how much your payments are likely to be. Come and find out more about our affordable RV loan rates today.