Car Loan Refinance

One way to manage the cost of an auto loan is to refinance your vehicle. A refinanced loan is a brand new contract that’s often with another lender. Many people choose to refinance their cars for a variety of reasons, as it can help you save money in the long-term.

Scenarios For Refinancing Your Auto Loan

Reduce Interest Rate

One of the top reasons to consider refinancing an auto loan is that it allows you to lower your interest rate within the same or a different time period. You will often pay less interest over the lifespan of the loan, which makes refinancing an attractive option for many people.

Lower Monthly Payment

Another reason to consider refinancing an auto loan is to help reduce your monthly payment. Lowering your monthly payment can happen in a variety of ways, such as extending the length of your loan or receiving a lower interest rate. You may also apply both of these scenarios to lower your payment.

Reduce Loan Term

Reducing the term of the loan will increase your monthly payment, but it will result in you paying less interest over the lifespan of the loan. Choosing to reduce your loan term is a great option if you can afford to pay higher monthly payments, as it will allow you to save money over the long-term.

Extend Loan Term

On the other hand, extending the loan term may allow you to lessen the monthly payment if your budget is tight. However, the drawback of extending an auto loan is that you will most likely pay more interest over the long-term due to extra time for paying back the loan.

Why Refinancing Your Car Loan Makes Sense

Improved Credit Score

A better credit score will often result in you qualifying for a lower interest rate, which can help you save a lot of money by refinancing your auto loan.

Lower Market Rates

A drop in market rates can also play a key role in saving money on a loan. Even a drop in one to two percentage points can lead to significant cost savings over an extended period of time.

Change in Financial Situation

Any changes within your financial situation can make a big impact on paying back an auto loan. You may want to refinance for a lower monthly payment due to a tighter budget, or you can increase your payments if you are making more money.

You Didn’t Get the Best Deal

Agreeing to less than stellar terms on an auto loan is a common problem for many people. However, you have the flexibility to refinance with another lender that may give you better terms than your original agreement.

Using a refinance calculator is an excellent tool to help you determine if refinancing makes sense for your financial situation. An online calculator enables you to enter the current details of your existing loan while also adding the new terms to compare which is the best option. You can also adjust these parameters to see the difference in the monthly payment and interest.

Here are a few more things to consider before refinancing your auto loan.

Amount of Time Remaining on Agreement

Interest charges often get lower over the lifespan of a loan, as your savings may be limited if you are nearing the end of the contract.

Prepayment Penalties

A prepayment penalty is possible with some lenders. Understanding the loan terms is essential to see if refinancing is worth the cost savings.

Refinancing an auto loan can help you achieve a variety of goals, such as saving money or accommodating changes in your budget. Now is a great time to reach out to a financing marketplace to learn more about refinancing your car loan!