About Us

About Us

Carfundy is committed to helping consumers reduce their car interest rates and car payments. During COVID-19, Americans have faced unprecedented challenges. The US government has allocated trillions of dollars in assistance, but for most, their car payment has not changed. Although interest rates are at historic lows, most lenders have not passed the savings along to consumers. When is the last time your bank called you to reward you for being a good customer by lowering your interest rate?

Carfundy is here to help! Our satisfied customers have asked all the same questions you might be asking: Where do I start, how long will it take, and what forms will I need to fill out?

Carfundy makes it a fast and easy three-minute process. We have identified the best lenders and banks nationwide who want to reward YOU for making your payments on time. Yes, these lenders will reduce your interest rate while saving you money! You too should take advantage of these historic low interest rates.

At Carfundy, we are proud and honored to be serving you during these challenging times.

Carfundy Team